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Behind Miller House Design

I’m Abby Miller. A wife, mama of 2 little boys, founder of Miller House Design, and a lifelong creative and homebody with a passion for interior design. My husband and I left the world of the 9-to-5 back in 2019 to start our own company and have since been on a mission to spend our lives doing what we love.

For me, that’s design.

Throughout my life, there’s always one thing I’ve known to be true: Home isn’t just a place or a word. It’s a feeling. Home carries multiple meanings for each of us, often bringing to light something different for us all – different smells, sights, sounds, and with them, different memories.

I grew up in a little brick Cape Cod in a small town in Virginia. My parents paid $300/month in rent and it was perfectly situated atop a rolling green hill, surrounded by cornfields on the property of a retirement community where my dad worked.

The home was built in 1949 and was full of quaint details throughout. The kind you would expect from an old home such as this. From the big bay window in the dining room that overlooked the Blue Ridge Mountains to the delicate trim work and original hardwood flooring that brought character to each space, I was in love with this home and the nature that surrounded it. It was love at first sight.

I spent my childhood constantly rearranging the furniture in my room, making small homes out of shoeboxes for my stuffed animals, and arranging my dolls just so on the shelves that surrounded my large wooden desk. This home was my play space. It was my safe space. The place I learned what it meant to truly feel at home.


When I think of this place, I feel instant warmth. A sweet glow. Now demolished in order to make room for development, I still remember every inch of this home as if I walked its halls just yesterday. The creaking of the old hardwood floors, the whistling of the wind sneaking through the windows on a chilly winter night, the warmth of the sunbeams through the nearly floor-to-ceiling sunroom windows in the late afternoon – each sound, smell, and sight still feels so real to me nearly 20 years after leaving this sacred space.

I attribute so much of who I am and what I love about home to this simple, beautiful house. The memories it held within its walls will be ones I cherish forever. It’s a feeling and experience I can only hope to pass along to my children as they navigate their childhood in our home.

The feeling that my little brick house on a hill gives me to this day is like a warm hug for my soul. Whenever I feel myself untethered or aimless, I bring my thoughts back to this place and feel whole again. I am home. My greatest hope for you is that you find inspiration at Miller House Design that helps you create a space that brings you warmth and holds you tight. That keeps you grounded and provides you a safe place to land. A place you can call home.

Get to Know Me better

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Buttered stovetop popcorn

What’s been your favorite vacation ever?

My honeymoon to Greece

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Binging episodes of The Office

What’s your favorite title that you have now?

Mama to two little boys

On your days off, what do you like to do?

Curl up with my Goldendoodle, Finn, & watch The Family Stone

What’s your dream job?

Professional house flipper

Which designers do you most admire?

Jean Stoffer, Amber Lewis, Whittney Parkinson & Joanna Gaines 

How would you describe your design style?

English Cottage meets Traditional meets Scandinavian

What most inspires your designs?

Autumn – My husband says I look like I’m always ready for fall & so are my designs

Words that Inspire Me

I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.

– Laura Ingalls Wilder

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